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VGC-3300 SYSTEM - Starting @ $8,963.50 plus freight

This Vertical Garden System is designed for 3,300+ plants distributed on up to 150 towers with a standard height of 4 to 5 Verti-Gro pots per tower. This system will require an injection board system as the pump and timer system would not be cost efficient. The system will need 2 barrels (tanks) or 5 gallon pails that must be outsourced locally.The complete system will come with:

720 x Verti-Gro Pots
Complete items for 150 towers
Ground cover for an 2250 SqFt Area (15'x150')
Misting system for overhead cooling or ground heating
Testing Meter Set and Pesticide Sample Pack
Seeding tray and planting aid items
6 bales of Rice Hulls and 48 blocks of Coco - (additional growing media available)
400 lbs. of plant nutrient
Injector Board

Custom order available via email or phone