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-Rebecca's Garden TV Show:
National Television Special highlighting the Vertical Gardens from Verti-Gro® in May 1999

-Rebecca's Garden Magazine: "Disney Magic" Article also featured Verti-Gro®'s 2-Stack Vertical Garden (VG-2)
November 1999

-The Orlando Sentinel:
Articles 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002

-Daily Sun: Article, Dec 1999

-University of Florida: Video, 1999
statewide TV coverage
"Voice of Agriculture".

-Aquaponics Journal: Vol. VI, No. 4, 2002

-Article in the Herald Tribune on Jan 4th 2010

-Alegria Farm™ in Laguna Canyon is Orange County, CA first Vertical Farm using Verti-Gro® Systems

-EnviroIngenuity (with Verti-Gro® Growing Systems) "Local Green products company featured in sustainability film"

-EnviroIngenuity Brings Energy Efficient Vertical Farming Process and Locally-Grown Food to Laguna Beach

-March 16, 2012 "The Farm of the Future Will Grow Plants Vertically and Hydroponically"

New year's, January 2011

Once again, the winter 2010-2011 brings hard freeze nights in Florida, our frost protection at work.


January 2009

An other hard freeze night in Florida, our frost protection at work.


January 2008

If your strawberries don't look like this in January, you may be doing something wrong!!!


December 2004

Our Florida Winter Season of 2004/2005 has just begun, and our crop cover system is already in action.


December 2003

More cold weather provided us with opportunities to test our frost protection system this Winter season of 2003/2004, more here.


December 2001

The holiday season of 2001/2002 brought us some cold weather again. We have been testing new products for frost protection, see the results here.


December 2000

The Winter 2000/2001 has been rather cold for us in Florida, see our "Anti-freeze system" in action.

Hard freeze aftermath