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GM-StarterMix-1G   1 Gallon of Growing Media Starter Mix with starter fertilizer
F1500-2lb-Bag   2lb Bag 15-0-0 Hydroponic Formula Calcium Nitrate
F61228-2lb-Bag   2lb Bag of 6-12-28 Verti-Gro Hydroponic Plant Nutrient with trace minerals.
GM-StarterMix-4G   4 Gallons of Growing Media Starter Mix with starter fertilizer
F1500-4lb-Bag   4lb Bag 15-0-0 Hydroponic Formula Calcium Nitrate
F61228-4lb-Bag   4lb Bag of 6-12-28 Verti-Gro Hydroponic Plant Nutrient with trace minerals.
PP-B_0.5x100   Black Poly Pipe, 1/2" Roll 100'
PE-Thuricide-Pints   Caterpillar Killer Spray with Bt (16 oz)
PHTestKit   Colorimetric pH Test Kit
PE_Permethrin_EIGHT_16oz   Eight Vegetable, ant and insecticide concentrate
TP-Emitter-Stake-Brown   Emitter Stake Brown - Drip Irrigation- Bag of 25
TP-Emitter-Stake-Green   Emitter Stake Green - Spray Irrigation - Bag of 25
TP-Emitter-100-Notool   Emitter tubing - Drip Irrigation 100ft Roll w/out Punch Tool
TP-Emitter-100   Emitter tubing - Drip Irrigation 100ft Roll with Punch Tool
TP-Emitter-50   Emitter tubing - Drip Irrigation 50ft Roll w/ Punch Tool
TP-Emitter-50-Notool   Emitter Tubing - Drip Irrigation 50ft Roll w/out Punch Tool
F1500-1G-Jug   F1500-1G-Jug / 2lb 15-0-0 Hydroponic Formula Calcium Nitrate in 1 Gal Jug
F1500-25lb-Boxed   F1500-25lb-Boxed - 25lb Bag of 15-0-0 Boxed for Shipping.
F1500-6X4lbs   F1500-6x4lbs (Qty 6) 4lb Bags of 15-0-0 Verti-Gro Hydroponic Plant Nutrient Calcium Nitrate
F61228-1G-Jug   F61228 1 Gallon JUG of 6-12-28 (2 lbs) of Verti-Gro Hydroponic Plant Nutrient 6-12-28 with trace minerals.
F61228-25lb-Bag-In-Box   F61228 25lb Bag 6-12-28 Verti-Gro Plant Nutrient Boxed for Shipping
F61228-6x4lbs   F61228-6x4lbs (Qty 6) 4lb Bags of 6-12-28 Verti-Gro Hydroponic Plant Nutrient with trace minerals.
FCombo-3x4lbCase   FCombo-3x4lbCase -Hydroponic Formula 3x 4lbs F6-12-28, F15-0-0
Fcombo-6x4lbCase   Fcombo-6x4lbCase Hydroponic Formula 6x4lb Nutrient Combo Set
FCombo-12x2lbs   FCombo: 2lb Bags (Qty 12) 6-12-28 & (Qty 12) 15-0-0 Hydroponic Plant Nutrient Complete Combo Set
FCombo-2x2lbs   FCombo: 2lb Bags (Qty 2) 6-12-28 & (Qty 2)15-0-0 Hydroponic Plant Nutrient Complete Combo Set
FCombo-3x2lbs   FCombo: 2lb Bags (Qty 3) 6-12-28 & (Qty 3)15-0-0 Hydroponic Plant Nutrient Complete Combo Set
PE-NeemPy   Ferti-Lome Fruit Tree Spray with Neem, Pyrethrin - 16 oz.
FHydro   FHydro 2lbs each of Complete Hydroponic formula Set in 1 Gal Jugs.
PS-Tray-Blue-Float-Base   Fiberglass Plant Tray Holder, 10 year guarantee
GC-Staple6   GC-Staple6 - Landscape Staple - 6"- Pack of 25
GM-6G   GM-6G (VG-1mix), 5-6 gal.
Meter-pH-HM-Digital-Dosatron   HM Digital / #pH-200 / Professional pH HM Digital pH Meter
Meter-pH-80-HM-Digital-Economy   HM Digital PH & Temperature Meter-Economy
Meter-TDS-HM-Digital-Com-100   HM Digital Professional Waterproof Meter for EC, TDS and Temperature
Meter-TDS-Com-80-HM-Dig.-Eco   HM Digital TDS-80 Economy Meter for EC, TDS and Temperature
IR-TimerVG1   Indoor Timer for VG-1
IR-CapEnd   IR-CapEnd - End cap for 1/2" Poly Pipe- Pack of 25
IRC-LargeInjectorSystem   Large Injector System
Meter-PHTestKit   Meter-PHTestKit - Colorimetric pH Test Kit
TP-Emitterholder-1x3   Microtube holder 1"x3" - Bag of 25
Meter-TDS-Milwaukee-T75   Milwaukee TDS Waterproof Meter
IR-OetikerRing   Oetiker Rings- Bag of 25
IR-MisterOrange-25   Orange Misting Nozzles (25)
IR-MisterOrange-50pack   Orange Misting Nozzles (50)
F-Org-6-0-16-1-Gal   Organic Fertilizer- Verti-Gro 6-0-16 Plant Formula
GM-RICE-12Gal   Organic Growing Media, 11-12 gallon bag Rice hulls
IR-Timer-Outdoor   Outdoor Timer
PE-ScoutCard   Pest Scout Card - Sensor 3 x 5 Yellow Monitoring Cards
MeterpHstd7.0   pH Standard. 7.0 Buffer. 230 ml (MA9007)
PS-PlantClip   Plastic Plant Clip- Bag of 25
Micro30X   Pocket Microscope 30X with light
TP-Tee3-4DR   Poly and Emitter support T- Set of 10
IR-Valve---Poly-(Greenback)   Poly Insert Shut Off Valve 1/2"- Pack of 5
Pots-5in   Pot 5" - Set of 10-nutrient distribution
PS-BambooStakes   PS-BambooStakes - Bamboo Stakes 3/8" x 24" ( Qty 20 )
Punchtool   Punch Tool
Riser-24in   PVC Tower Support Riser 24" - Bundle of 10
PE-Pyreth-8oz   Pyrethrin Concentrate Insecticide 8oz
PE_Reliant_1Pint-Bottle   Reliant Phosphite plant protector, makes up to 32 gallons
TP-SP3-4HexB   Rota-Stack Swivel / Rotation plate (Minimum Qty. 10)
PE-Safer-16oz   Safer® Brand Insect Killing Soap Concentrate - 16oz.
GHP-SnapClamp-1in-PVCs   Snap Clamp PVC 1" - 10 Pack
GHP-SnapClamp-1-1-4in-PVC   Snap Clamp PVC 1-1/4" - 10 Pack
PE-Spinosad-16oz   Spinosad. Worms and leaf miners
PU650   Submersible Pump
PU1250   Submersible Pump 1250 gph
PU450   Submersible Pump 450 gph
MeterTDSstd1382   TDS Standard: 1382ppm / 230 ml (MA9062)
VGP-240P   Verti-Gro Insulated Growing Pots - 240 Pots packed in 1 Pallet
VGP-20-Special   Verti-Gro Pots Special - Qty 20
VG-1BUBBLER   VG-1BUBBLER - Bubblers for VG1 Towers
VG1-Brown   VG1 - Verti-Gro Tower Garden - Brown
VG1-Grey   VG1 - Verti-Gro Tower Garden - Grey
VG1-Sky-Blue   VG1 - Verti-Gro Tower Garden - Sky Blue
VGK-100AGP-24   VGK-100AGP-24 Verti-Gro 24Tower System - Automatic
VGK-20AGP   VGK-20AGP Verti-Gro 5 Tower System - Automatic
VGK-40AGP   VGK-40AGP Verti-Gro 10 Tower System - Automatic
VGK-8AGP   VGK-8AGP Verti-Gro 2 Tower System - Automatic
PP-W_0.5X50   White Poly pipe with blue line - Roll 50'

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