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Hydroponic & Organic Fertilizer & Nutrients

The hydroponic fertilizer formulated by Verti-Gro® has been successfully used by commercial tomato, cucumber, lettuce, strawberry and herb growers for over 25 years. This formula is 100% soluble and very concentrated. One pound of 5-10-25 and one pound of 15-0-0 (Calcium Nitrate) make over 200 gallons of complete hydroponic nutrient that works on almost all crops. (Special formulas are made for commercial growers)

Our hydroponic formulas contain no petrochemicals. All fertilizer ingredients are from natural, but refined soluble sources. Try it! You won't believe how well it works on flowers, vegetables, indoor plants, gardens, and in hobby and commercial hydroponic systems.

There is no single organic fertilizer source that will supply all of the essential major and micro nutrients required by vegetables. Liquid organic supplements should then be applied on a regular basis through a drip irrigation system or by hand. All seaweed based and all humate based liquids are completely organic or contain over 90% organic seaweed extract or humus products.

25lbs 8-15-36 Hydroponic Formula, Min. order 1000 lbs.
25 lb.bag 8-15-36 Hydroponic Formula. Special Order. Use with Calcium Nitrate 15-0-0 and Epsom Salts. Use 1/2 lb/100 gal. 1000 lbs. makes up to 200,000 gallons. Minimum order-1000 pounds.Discounts quoted. freight quoted.

SKU#: F81536AGS
Unit Price: $39.95
Shipping: $0.00

Calcium Nitrate, 15-0-0, 3 x 2 lb. bags
Calcium nitrate, greenhouse grade, packaged 3 x 2 lb. bags

SKU#: F15003x2
Unit Price: $22.95
Shipping: $10.00

Calcium Nitrate, 15-0-0, 25 lbs.
Packaged in convenient 5 pound bags. Makes up to 5000 gallons when used with 6-12-28 or 8-12-32.
May be used with other hydroponic formulas to make a completely balanced nutrient.

SKU#: F15005X5
Unit Price: $34.95
Shipping: $18.00

Hydroponic Fertilizer 6-12-28 with trace minerals
Hydroponic Formula 6-12-28 with all trace elements and magnesium. F612285x5 is 5 bags of 5 pounds each. Makes up to 5000 gallons with the addition of 25 pounds of F15005x5.

SKU#: F612285X5
Unit Price: $49.95
Shipping: $18.00

25lbs 8-12-32 Hydroponic Formula-Min. order 50lbs
Specially formulated for strawberries but usable on tomatoes and all vegetables and in all hydroponic systems. Commercial formula only. Not sold to home gardeners. Florida Registration No. F1711

SKU#: F81232AGS
Unit Price: $44.95
Shipping: $22.00

2 lbs. Calcium Nitrate 15-0-0 (Also see F-Combo)
Part 2 of a complete hydroponic nutrient. With 2 lbs. of 5-10-25 these two formulas make up to 250 gallons of a complete hydroponic nutrient solution.

SKU#: F15002
Unit Price: $9.95
Shipping: $6.00

Nutrient Combo 4 lbs ea. 6-12-28 & 15-0-0
The Best Buy and Best Tested Soluble Hydroponic Fertilizers. With all trace minerals. 2x2 lbs. of part A (6-12-28) + 2x2 lbs. of part B (15-0-0) in convenient 2-lb bags. Makes up to 500 Gallons of ready to use liquid hydroponic nutrients.

SKU#: FCombo
Regular Price: $34.95
Shipping: $14.00
On Special
Today's price: $44.95
Postage Paid anywhere in the Continental USA.
Most popular reorder for Plant Nutrients on small Vertical Gardens. Guaranteed Analysis and complete instructions on each package. Makes up to 500 gallons of a completely balanced Hydroponic Nutrient for all types of vegetables and flowers.

2 lbs. 6-12-28 Hydroponic Formula
Soluble Hydroponic Formula Part 1, 6-12-28 with Trace Minerals. Makes appproximately 250 gals.

SKU#: F612282
Unit Price: $13.95
Shipping: $6.00

1 Gallon jug of 2 lbs. 6-12-28 to make 250 gals of nutrients
The normal dilution of this formula is 1/2 ounce of the concentrated liquid per gallon of water. It may be used at the rate of 3/4 ounce per 1-gallon of water for some plants or as needed.

SKU#: F612281G
Unit Price: $13.95
Shipping: $8.00

1 Gallon jug of 2 lbs. 15-0-0 to make 250 gals of nutrients
Why buy water when you can buy soluble fertilizer and add your own water, shake and use.

SKU#: F15001G
Unit Price: $10.95
Shipping: $8.00

Combo of... (1 gal Jug) 6-12-28 and (1 gal Jug) 15-0-0.
This 2-part Hydroponic Formula makes up to 250 gallons of completely balanced nutrients for vegetables,strawberries and flowers. Use 1/2 to 3/4 ounce of each per gallon of water. Once you add water to create your concentrate...Shake well before using. Stable up to one year or more.

SKU#: FHydro
Regular Price: $26.95
Shipping: $10.00
On Special
Today's price: $32.95
Shipping & Handling included for mainland US only.
Hydroponic formulas in 2-parts. 2 lbs. 6-12-28 and 2 lbs. 15-0-0. Makes up to 400 gallons. Why pay to ship water? Just add water, shake and use for vegetables, strawberries and flowers.

Colorimetric pH kit, 5.8-7.0 with standards
Incorrect pH is the most frequent problem associated with too little or too much nutrient uptake in vegetables and especially with strawberries.

SKU#: pHKit
Regular Price: $12.95
Shipping: $6.95
On Special
Today's price: $16.95
Shipping & Handling included for mainland US only.
Always check you water and fertilizer solution before feeding your plants. The correct range for vegetables is 6.0-6.4. For berries 5.7 to 5.9. Color charts are easy and accurate. Re-order indicator available.

Organic and Natural Pesticides and Fungicides

Organic or natural pesticide and fungicide
Package of NatureGuard Neem Oil + Natural Pyrethrins, Thuricide: Bacillus Thuringiensis, Spinosad & Copper, Safe Soap and K-Sil.

Unit Price: $99.95
Shipping: $10.00

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