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Non-Recirculating Outdoor Kits

See our SPECIALS page for limited time or introductory deals!!!

When selecting a Vertical Garden it is important to choose the model that best suits your crop and climate. You need to ask yourself some basic questions before you begin.

  • Where do I want to put my Vertical Garden?
  • How much natural light do I have?
  • Do I want to grow inside, outside, or possibly both, when the weather permits?
  • What crops do I want to grow?

The Verti-Gro stackable pot is a high density EPS plastic that is very durable and lasts for 5-10 years. It is specifically designed to insulate the roots of the plant. Root temperature control is the single most important factor in growing healthy plants and obtaining high production.

The Verti-Gro Vertical Gardens come in many different models to fit most everyone«s needs whether growing indoors or outdoors. It is important to understand the basic hydroponic systems before ordering.

The types of crops that can be planted in our stackable pots are varied. Lettuce, Strawberries, Parsley and many more do extremely well in our insulated stackable pots.

The VG models can be used indoors or outdoors because they are complete re-circulating Vertical Hydroponic Systems with a nutrient tank, pump and timer. All of the fertilizer solution is reused for a period of time. It can be placed outside on a patio, in a sunny spot on the lawn or in the garden. The complete unit can be moved easily when the tank is empty or almost empty.

The VGK models are not re-circulating, but rather a drip irrigation system patterned after the Verti-Gro outdoor commercial growing system. They can be easily and quickly installed and are very versatile. The support pipes are local 3/4" conduit that are driven into the ground about 12" to support the vertical towers. These are semi-permanent towers that can be moved by pulling the pipes out of the ground and relocating the vertical garden.

The VGK models are expandable, using the same pump and timer. The nutrient tank can be an inexpensive 32-45 gallon trash can. The customer is responsible for supplying the 3/4" conduit (available at Home Depot or similar) and a nutrient tank. Since the outdoor units are drip irrigation and the fertilizing solution is not recovered, the growing media for the outdoor VGK units can contain higher amounts of vermiculite, cocofiber or peat moss. Different media can even be used on each stack. The higher amount of these three additives to the base perlite allows for better water retention and reduces waste.

Any of the VGK models can be doubled in size for very little extra cost with the VGK-12X or VGK-20X extension kits. Study our web site and read some of the articles that best fit your crop and climate. This will help you choose the right vertical garden. All of the assembly and growing procedures are on the web site, but a 20-page booklet with instructions, seed sources, fertilizer and etc. is included with each unit. To download most of the documents and photographs you will need Acrobat Reader which is a standard program on most computers or is usually free.

Choose a product below for a full page description, or visit our showroom for a more extensive description and picture gallery.

Non-Recirculating Kits

These outdoor units can also be placed in a greenhouse, however they require their support shafts to be inserted in the ground, so they aren't made for indoors use, although it is always possible to have holes in a concrete floor to insert the support shafts, there would be water falling on the floor.

Our smallest kit is the 12 pots system, which can be extended later if needed. Any of these kits can be extended at a later time, which allows getting started small, then expand later as needed.

The extension kit adds 12 more stackable pots to achieve many combinations of systems in increments of 12 pots, for up to about 80 pots, which should be considered the maximum, because of irrigation pump limitations.

The costs of shipping and packaging the kits have lead us to optimize to reduce these costs, and our newest kit is the VGK-16 which is the result from that optimization.

For larger system needs over 80 pots, see our commercial systems.