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Recirculating Vertical Gardens

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When selecting a Vertical Garden it is important to choose the model that best suits your crop and climate. You need to ask yourself some basic questions before you begin.

  • Where do I want to put my Vertical Garden?
  • How much natural light do I have?
  • Do I want to grow inside, outside, or possibly both, when the weather permits?
  • What crops do I want to grow?

The Verti-Gro stackable pot is a high density EPS plastic that is very durable and lasts for 5-10 years. It is specifically designed to insulate the roots of the plant. Root temperature control is the single most important factor in growing healthy plants and obtaining high production.

The VG models can be used indoors or outdoors because they are complete re-circulating hydroponic systems with a nutrient tank, pump and timer. All of the fertilizer solution is re-used for a period of time. It can be placed outside on a patio, in a sunny spot on the lawn or in the garden. The complete unit can be moved easily when the tank is empty or almost empty. The pots can be removed and taken inside when weather conditions are severe (too cold, too windy).

The nutrient tanks for the VG models hold 10-12 gallons of water. All lids are made of ABS to provide the strength needed to support the weight of 5 planted pots. Any of the ABS parts can be painted with latex or latex-acrylic spray paint.

The VG-1 has a square nutrient tank and the stack sits in the middle. The tanks for these two units are available in terracotta, oyster white and forest green. The lids are always white, but can be repainted if they become stained.

Our newest product is the table top hydroponic garden, it comes with 8 (TTG-8A) or 12 pots (TTG-12A) and has a recirculating automatic watering system. They can sit on a table, platform or rolling cart.

The VGK models are not re-circulating, but rather a drip irrigation system patterned after the Verti-Gro outdoor commercial growing system. They can be easily and quickly installed and are very versatile. The support pipes are local 3/4" conduit that are driven into the ground about 12" to support the vertical towers. These are semi-permanent towers that can be moved by pulling the pipes out of the ground and relocating the vertical garden. The VGK models are expandable sing the same pump and timer. Click here for more details on the VGK models.

Choose a product below for a full page description, or visit our showroom for a more extensive description and picture gallery.

Recirculating basic Units

If you need a small system because of limited space, these Vertical Gardens are for you. These units can be placed just about anywhere, in a patio (covered or not), a balcony, in the house (with enough sunlight coming in), or simply outdoors (in a greenhouse or not). Any of the Gardens listed below can be used as a starter system, more can be added later, or larger and more expandable units can be used instead.

Each stack is 5 pots high, for a total of 5 pots for the VG-1. At 4 plants per pot, you can grow 20 plants in this Vertical Garden.