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Saturday, August 29th, 2015 - 3h17am EDT (Florida)   


VG-1 Plantedvr
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See our detailed instructions, for easy assembly and operation in Adobe PDF format for download, or online on this site.

Each Vertical Garden also includes full documentation in printed form for easy setup and growing.

The One-Stack Re-circulated Patio Unit Vertical Garden (VG-1) is a great Vertical Garden to experience the immediate benefits of small space gardening. You can fit this garden in the smallest of sunny spaces, indoors or outdoors. So little space used for so much gardening!

You will never need to hand water this automatic watering garden!

Grows a high density of plants in a small amount of space...  anywhere you have a good light source.

Great learning tool for hydroponic or organic gardening.

Guaranteed for 3 years, but will last much longer.

If you have no preference of Tank Color, use this generic VG-1 option,
and the color will be from stock availability (green being most likely):


SKU#: VG-1
Price: $249.95
Shipping: $30.00

Otherwise choose among those 3 colors:

SandStone Green TerraCotta

Reg. Price: $249.95
Reg. Sh&H: $30.00
On Special
Price Today: $259.95
S&H priced for US Mainland only. Others Quoted.

Reg. Price: $249.95
Reg. Sh&H: $30.00
On Special
Price Today: $259.95
S&H included for US Mainland only.

Reg. Price: $249.95
Reg. Sh&H: $30.00
On Special
Price Today: $259.95
S&H included for US Mainland only

For a more in-depth description of this Vertical Garden and more pictures, see it in our showroom.

Also take a look at our non-recirculating outdoor kits here.

For a newer concept in hydroponics, our new Table Top gardens may be of interest to you.

VG-1 Unplanted
VG-1 VG-1 VG-1 Colors
Click for larger view of the colored tanks available
Dara's VG1VG1VG12 x VG1

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