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Friday, October 9th, 2015 - 8h09am EDT (Florida)   



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The 20 Pots AUTOMATIC Vertical Garden Kit with ground pots (VGK-20AGP) is a 20 pot starter kit. It is automatic watering, complete with pump, timer, tubing, pH tester and four sets of columns each having five stackable Verti-Gro® pots. It can be used indoors or outdoors.

Now with ground pots included!!!

Everything you need in a garden at a low cost to start, creates a lot of garden in just a little space, with fully automatic watering

Design your own gardening space with our Vertical Garden kits & avoid digging up your backyard!

Start with 20 pots (in stacks of 5) and add on at any time you choose. The pump that is used with this garden works well with up to 40 pots stacked in five high columns

Ground pots are now included to catch the small amount of waste water and nutrients dripping from the stacks' bottom pots.

Vertical Garden
Outdoor Kit


Price: $479.95
Shipping: $90.00


This Vertical Garden Kit can be extended later with the twenty pots Extension Kit (VGK-20XGP), which can double the number of stacks and pots.

More extension kits can be added, for a much larger system.

There are also options to add more pots per tower, high tower extensions and ground pots.

See below on this page for available options.

Extention kit for
the VGK-20AGP


Price: $349.95
Shipping: $65.00


Get our detailed instructions, for easy assembly and operation in Adobe PDF format for download, or online on this site.

Each Vertical Garden also includes full documentation in printed form for easy setup and growing.

VGK-20AGP Drawing


Parts listDownload the VGK-20AGP parts list here


Here are a few options available for the VGK-20AGP:

The High Tower Extensions

are a good combination with the extra pots option below, to allow more pots per tower.


Get Extra Pots (in boxes of 4 or 8)

to make towers of 6 high instead of the standard 5 of the VGK-20AGP, turning your 20 pots kit into a 24 pots, using the same 4 towers.


The ground pots may be used for various crops. Larger sized crops that don't fit in the standard pots can be grown this way and some varieties such as Watermelon or Pumpkin can be grown in the ground pots while the fruits are lying on the ground cover near them.