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Vertical Gardening and Hydroponics are our specialty!


Verti-Gro specializes in vertical growing, vertical gardening, and vertical agriculture to utilize space and energy in an efficient manner. We pioneered and patented this growing concept, and have continually improved upon this vertical stacking technology year after year. The unique Verti-Gro vertical growing systems that we patented in 1994 have been recognized nationally and internationally for over 20 years in commercial applications, research and residential garden systems. Since Verti-Gro’s inception, we have maintained our leadership in advanced growing systems through resource efficiency, simplicity, cost effectiveness, durability, and our consulting ability to our customer base all around the world.

Verti-Gro uses both hydro-organic and hydroponic methods of gardening in vertical stacking growing containers. Hydroponic or “soilless” gardening is gardening without soil. “Soilless” media(s) that support the plant include such products as perlite, coconut coir fiber, vermiculite, peat moss mixes and sometimes bark or lava rock. There are many versions of hydroponics including re-circulating, non-recirculating, nutrient film technique (NFT), Ebb and Flood, perlite bags, Rockwool slabs, upright bags systems, Aeroponics and of course the Verti-Gro® rotating vertical towers which are protected by two patents.

The Verti-Gro system features a 5-quart high density an EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) pot that rotates and lightweight stacks for maximum production in a limited space. Importantly these containers insulate the roots, which no other hydroponic system does and they can be used in stacks of 3-10 pots high for commercial hydroponics or by the hobbyist. They can be used outdoors or indoors as well as in greenhouses. Hydroponic greenhouses or Vertical Agriculture Farms use many different systems for controlled environment growing or controlled environment agriculture (CEA).

Verti-Gro offers a unique vertical growing system for strawberries, lettuce, herbs (culinary and some medicinal), spinach, greens, edible blowers, cut flowers, foliage plant cuttings and retail plant sales. The Verti-Gro system can also be used for organic growing in a method that again uses no soil, sometimes referred to as hydro-organic or organic hydroponics. For the first time a growing system is offered to the public and commercial grower that will adapt to many crops and production methods at a lower cost than any other high density growing systems.