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In order to provide a safe and efficient process, commercial orders can't be purchased online.
In this category, you will be able to see some options and/or set ups for using Verti-Gro in a commercial setting.
Please keep in mind that Verti-Gro can be set up in almost any setting and location.

These are the steps for Commercial quotes / inquiries.
1. Fill the questionnaire and send it with your request
2. Verti-Gro sales department will go over questionnaire and clarify the needs, discuss crops and determine realistic vs. future expectations.
3. Verti-Gro sales department will send out a quote
4. A Sales order will be submitted after customer approves the quote.
5. After customer remits a deposit, Verti-Gro will begin packing the system ordered.
6. Final payment will be made when system is ready to ship and customer will get tracking information.

ps: Shipping to international customers will be made to an US Port and or shipping broker.