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Vertical Gardens by Verti-Gro® Table Top Garden's by Verti-Gro®
Which Vertical Garden is right for you?
  • There are many factors to consider when picking the right Vertical Garden:
  • Choose a product below for a full page description with picture gallery
  • The choice of a Vertical Garden depends on the situation. In any case, growing in vertical towers will save space (your knees and back) and allow for greater density in limited space.
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VG1 - Verti-Gro Single Tower Garden - Automatic VG1 - Verti-Gro Tower Garden - Brown VG1 - Verti-Gro Tower Garden - Grey
VG1 - Verti-Gro Tower Garden - Sky Blue VGK-100AGP-24 Verti-Gro 24Tower System - Automatic VGK-20AGP Verti-Gro 5 Tower System - Automatic
VGK-40AGP Verti-Gro 10 Tower System - Automatic VGK-8AGP Verti-Gro 2 Tower System - Automatic