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Hydro-Organic Plant Nutrients Hydroponic Plant Nutrients

The hydroponic fertilizer formulated by Verti-Gro® has been successfully used by commercial tomato, cucumber, lettuce, strawberry and herb growers for over 25 years. This formula is 100% soluble and very concentrated. One pound of 6-12-28 and one pound of 15-0-0 (Calcium Nitrate) make over 125 gallons of complete hydroponic nutrient that works on almost all crops. (Special formulas are made for commercial growers)

Our hydroponic formulas contain no petrochemicals. All fertilizer ingredients are from natural, but refined soluble sources. Try it! You won't believe how well it works on flowers, vegetables, indoor plants, gardens, and in hobby and commercial hydroponic systems.

There is no single organic fertilizer source that will supply all of the essential major and micro nutrients required by vegetables. Liquid organic supplements should then be applied on a regular basis through a drip irrigation system or by hand. All seaweed based and all humate based liquids are completely organic or contain over 90% organic seaweed extract or humus products.

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2lb Bag of 6-12-28 Verti-Gro Hydroponic Plant Nutrient with trace minerals.
Our Price: $13.95
F61228 1 Gallon JUG of 6-12-28 (2 lbs) of Verti-Gro Hydroponic Plant Nutrient 6-12-28 with trace minerals.
Our Price: $13.95
(Qty 6) 4lb Bags of 15-0-0 Hydroponic Plant Nutrient Calcium Nitrate - 6 bags of 4lbs Case
Our Price: $46.95
F61228-6x4lbs (Qty 6) 4lb Bags of 6-12-28 Verti-Gro Hydroponic Plant Nutrient with trace minerals.
Our Price: $65.95
FCombo-3x4lbCase -Hydroponic Formula 3x 4lbs Nutrient Combo Set
Our Price: $69.95
Fcombo-6x4lbCase Hydroponic Formula 6x4lb Nutrient Combo Set
Our Price: $104.90